Arion Distortion SDI-1

Arion Distortion SDI-1

The Arion Distortion SDI-1 is a great little distortion with two outputs. The cool thing about that is you can use it to self oscillate or make a distorted feedback loop. Made of real plastic!

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User Reviews of the Arion Distortion SDI-1

  • Submitted by AULOS from Hereford Uk (480 points) on May 5, 2010
  • I came across this SDI-1 along with the SMM-1 Metal Master and SOD-1 Overdrive (Neither listed.) They tend to go for bargain money and I say, pick one up. They have 2 outputs so you can make self-oscilaters out of them. They are actually pretty good on a clean vavle channel. I have only tried them with a clear signal chain. Definately worth 20 for some noise.
  • Good Points: STEREO OUT CHEAP
  • Price Paid: US$20.00
  • Purchased At: MUZO RECORDS
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