Arion Octave MOC-1

Arion Octave MOC-1

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MOC-1 delivers 2 added parts, one a single octave down, one 2 octaves down. Control knobs for Direct signal and one each for the 2 Octave parts. Rugged in/out footswitch and status LED included.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $60.00

User Reviews of the Arion Octave MOC-1

Submitted by Jon from Huntsville, AL (432 points) on Nov 13, 2009:
Oh boy! a used Arion pedal that didn't arrive DOA! To be fair, this is only the second Arion pedal I've ever owned. Still, being "Made In Japan" doesn't mean as much as some people think it does as these seem to crap out for no obvious reasons, much like my Metal Master paperweight. With that said, the MOC-1 arrived in very good condition, and, if you don't abuse them, I have no doubts these pedals will stand the test of time. All in all, this is a pretty decent octave pedal, though I'm sure there are better ones.......... B+? Get one if you find it cheap!

Good Points: -Can add some really muddy rumbling to setups when used in the right positions... It sounds cool right after a loud, nasty fuzz. -Tracks poorly (this is a + for me). -Simple. -The knobs turn very smoothly... Nice for fast tweaks. -Lots of circuit bending potential. -Really gaudy... like, so gaudy it actually looks cool.

Bad Points: -Flimsy construction, plastic pot shafts. -Alleged "rare-ish" status... I admit to being a real tightwad sometimes, but I still think I overpaid. -Cuts volume when engaged, even with all the knobs maxed. -The octave voice on this pedal is sort of muddy and "smudged"... Not really the refreshing change of pace I'd hoped to get by replacing the Chili Dog with this pedal.

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Price Paid: US$39.00
Purchased At: eBay
Submitted by SYKORA from Los Angeles, CA (22 points) on Dec 23, 2007:
I have the grey & black one pictured here.This pedal adds dark lows (I use it mostly on vocals) and kills signal in a dull flat way thats interesting.

Good Points: I like that this pedal weighs nothing. Inexpensive and kind of stupid.

Bad Points: For the price,none.

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Price Paid: US$14.00
Purchased At: New from Musician's Friend
Submitted by Aphadaphaler from Portland, OR (146 points) on May 14, 2007:
This is my first octave pedal. It makes for a nice demonic voice if you plug a mike in. Adds much needed bottom end to shrill noize. Synths out some in the feedback loop. Best thing though is to open the box and play the board with a wet finger. This makes an exelent sound source. Sounds like Schitsafrenic robots with gas.

Good Points: Cheep, analog, bottom end, playable cuirit. 3 volume nobs, origin, 1st oct, 2nd oct.

Bad Points: none really, kind of muddy.

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Price Paid: US$15.00
Purchased At: ebay
Submitted by Craig from Burbank, CA (6 points) on Nov 11, 2006:
This pedal provides super deep rumbling bass drones. I love the tone shaping capabilities of this pedal. Mixing the three octaves provides quite a range of possibilites. I've had no trouble getting the second octave to work. Try feeding a distortion pedal in. I feed it a Carvin Ultra Distortion.

Good Points: Deep clean bass.

Bad Points: Plastic construction.

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Price Paid: US$20.00
Purchased At: Musician's Friend
Submitted by ryan from calgary (184 points) on Oct 22, 2006:
I picked one of these badboys up on Ebay for super cheap. I agree with the other reviewers it's a great box that can add a lot for a little. I too had trouble getting the second octave drop to work ,it drops a little but not much. The first one however takes your signal and adds a nice coat of sickness to it, absolute crushing sonic glory and all for cheap ,cheap. I can do nothing but recommend this pedal. For the price it's fantastic. Beware however if you drop your pedals a lot , it's made of plastic!!! This pedal would be a great addition to any noiser's collection, mind eroding bottom end!!!!

Good Points: add's brutality to anything it touch's cheap and readily available on Ebay Meatball easy to use takes standard 9 volt barrel style a/c adaptor

Bad Points: plastic ain't the prettiest pedal I've ever seen

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Price Paid: US$16.00
Purchased At: Ebay
Submitted by chris from Manassas, VA (76 points) on Feb 26, 2006:
one octave down works fine on most signals. i can never get the second octave to work but thats what i like about it. you can use this pedal to add a rumble to anyhting.

Good Points: does one octave down alright on most signals. two octave down is interesting.

Bad Points: theres a little buzzing noise added to your signals that you can hear when the pedal is in bypass.

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Price Paid: US$0.00
Purchased At: trade.
Submitted by Eric from Montreal (14 points) on Jan 26, 2006:
Personally I find MOC-1 a little less sensitive and a little more muddy than the Boss OC-2. However, the MOC-1 costs , which more than makes up for the differences. I found it interacts best placed right after a strong distortion.

Good Points: Inexpensive alternative to the Boss OC-2

Bad Points: For the price I cant think of any

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Price Paid: US$25.00
Purchased At: ebay
Submitted by Spiff from Germany (50 points) on Jul 16, 2004:
I agree to the other post. It's just as good as the OC2 by Boss. A friend has the boss unit and we compared. Playing it with a guitar it tracks anything above the fifth fret on the E-string quite well. Processing any other signal to it can really give it some bottom. Also good in front of a meatbox.

Good Points: - good price value

Bad Points: - I still don't trust the Arion plastic cases

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Price Paid: US$20.00
Purchased At: eBay
Submitted by Rob from London (346 points) on Jul 1, 2002:
This is IDENTICAL to the Boss Oc2 Octaver except it's in a plastic box. As with Boss it can be good to thicken up the sound but it doesn't track very well and some people just don't get on with it. See the Boss Reviews for more info.

Good Points: A passable octaver for cheap. Can thicken the sound or get synthy effects.

Bad Points: Plastic box questions reliability. Not that great at tracking. Single notes only.

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