Barber Direct Drive SS

User Reviews of the Barber Direct Drive SS

  • Submitted by AULOS from Hereford Uk (480 points) on Jun 15, 2009
  • This pedal is out of this world. I went into this awful music shop in Hereford UK and found it on the floor after being obviously dropped for 60. The shop owner didn't even know how to power it or plug it in. These things aside he gave me a knock off Epiphone which was ruined with terrible pickups and a Mashall HDFX 15w (My worst nightmare) And it still sounded freaking sweet when engaged. With this you can get subtle overtones and some really nice warm, vintage amp sounds to some serious fat filth. It has very little compression but has a very large tone range which overdrive pedals usually lack. It has a really good punch to it and is amazingly built. If you can get one of these I recommend it because they are getting harder to find.
  • Good Points: Warm to FAT tones. True Bypass. Extremely well built.
  • Bad Points: Hard to find and quite expensive but WORTH IT!
  • Price Paid: US$40.00
  • Purchased At: Music Plus
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