Boss Turbo Overdrive OD-2

Boss Turbo Overdrive OD-2
With the OD-2's TURBO function, you can create two completely different overdrive sounds to satisfy any requirement. If the TURBO is switched off, you get a mild, warm-sounding overdrive. With the TURBO switched on, the OD-2 generates a tremendous amount of sustain to create an extremely powerful overdrive. Total control of the overdrive is accomplished with the LEVEL, TONE and DRIVE knobs. The OD-2 will take you from a mild, natural overdrive to a heavily distorted sound with just a twist of the dial.

User Reviews of the Boss Turbo Overdrive OD-2

Submitted by Nic from Monterey, CA (70 points) on Jun 15, 2007:
This pedal is easily my most favorite from Boss. Sounds great and easy to use.

Good Points: nice, rich and full sound.

Bad Points: it's a Boss.

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Price Paid: US$45.00
Purchased At: Bay West Music
Submitted by Wren from Faber, VA (52 points) on Aug 14, 2006:
This was my first pedal many years ago, and it hasn't left my side since. It's taken on many roles over the years, but it's been involved in just about everything I've ever done musically. At this point, I basically use it as a compressor/enhancer. It adds clarity to any signal, and (as with many Boss overdrives) a touch of compression as well. Usually, I hate it when overdrives do this, but for some reason, the OD2's compression works perfectly for me. It adds clarity and definition to any signal, I find, without really adding much (if any) grit, as long as you don't turn the turbo on. It can be a good lofi distortion too with the tone knob turned down and the gain turned up. It behaves wonderfully in a feedback loop. The turbo switch is extra fun here; you can turn it on and off, getting a kind of British police siren noise. It doesn't sound overly shrill, either. The only negative thing about it is that the level knob maxed is about equal to the bypassed signal; it's impossible to boost volume with it. That is the only negative thing, but it is pretty significant.

Good Points: Built like a tank. Can last quite awhile on batteries. Does good feeback loop siren noises. Turbo switch. Adds clarity to signal without adding more distortion. Has a very wide and completely usable tonal sweep.

Bad Points: Level maxed is equal to bypassed signal.

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