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Submitted by kk from Annandale On Hudson, NY (88 points) on Sep 4, 2009:
this was given as a gift to me way back when it still was worth more than . at first i hated it because i was a guitarist and i was lame and stuff. once i started appreciating noise, i dug it out again, and fell in love with it. this pedal BITES. i mean, i don't think i've heard more painful treble anywhere. the fuzz/octave/wah combination is completely retarded, in the best possible way. mine broke - there is a loose wire i believe, i need to get around to fixing it because i miss it. it looks super cool too.

Good Points: - noisy as hell, the built-in fuzz is destructive!

Bad Points: - danelectro pedals aren't quite as robust as, say, boss pedals

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Price Paid: US$90.00
Purchased At: gift
Submitted by AULOS from Hereford Uk (480 points) on May 21, 2009:
I got given one of these to fix and god damn does it squeal. These things make nastier noise than anything I have encountered. So much so I wouldn't put it through my nice amp. You can really control the fuzz that comes out of these but don't buy it for the wah because it plastic and will not last.

Good Points: Disgusting fuzz/squeal

Bad Points: Plastic. Wah Sucks.

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Price Paid: US$0.00
Purchased At: Borrowed
Submitted by Dave from Minneapolis, MN (36 points) on Oct 4, 2006:
Like many Danelectro pedals, it's cheaply made and sounds MUCH better than it looks. Multiple voices for the wah (dont make much difference) and a built-in fuzz. I use it for controlled feedback generation much more than I use it for traditional wah-wah sounds.

Good Points: Sounds remarkably good, very musical tone. Does NOT sound like a Crybaby/Vox wah. Quiet sweep. DIRT CHEAP.

Bad Points: Physically bulky. Comes up in weird states when powered on where the fuzz may or may not be on, the wah may or may not be on, etc (maybe this is a good point). Flimsy construction.

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Price Paid: US$25.00
Purchased At: Guitar Center
Submitted by Spiff from Germany (50 points) on Jan 6, 2004:
This is a Wah-Wah-Pedal with six different sounding wahs and it has a fuzz distortion with an up octaver. On the top it has two buttons. One of them turns on the fuzz, the other one switches between wah-banks. On each side of the pedal are 4 knobs. The first one to turn on the octaver and the other three one's for the wah setting. This has been my first and only wah so far so I can't make any comparisons. I use it in a guitar steup and I really like the way that you can affect the sound of a feedback with it. I used to have it after the distortion and you can really cut people's ears off with the wah in high position. It's pure terror. But now I prefer it in front of my distortion. I have run it in the beginning of my chain, next an a/b-box, from there, one way goes to the distortion, the other one goes clean, from there, both ways go into my Twin Reverb. A wah has so many ways to affect your sound so I'm just gonna mention a few more: One way i use it is to have the a/b-Box set to pass on both signals. The wah is in a low position and I shred the guitar palmmuted. This gives a great attack. Now turning the wah up to the highs really brings you all the way up front. A short revision of the fuzz: It's actually not that great, it sounds cool, right in your face and all, but in a direct comparison between a clean signal going through the pedal and the fuzzed signal, it's just a lot less louder than the clean signal. Using it in any of the combinations mentioned above, it's ok using it, with a nother distortion pedal in the chain, you don't use that much volume, but just it alone is no good.

Good Points: It says to have six different wahs but some sound pretty much alike, but I'd say there'S still at least 4 different tones you can get out of it. The fuzz can be a nice addition in some chains. I like the car look.

Bad Points: The buttons for wah-bank-switching and fuzz are placed a bit awkward. If you concentrate only on the wah it's no problem, but if you're doing other stuff at the same time, those buttons can get out of reach. The fuzz does not provide enough volume.

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Price Paid: US$0.00
Purchased At: was a birthday present

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