Danelectro Milkshake DJ-7

Danelectro Milkshake DJ-7
Thick, rich, and creamy chorus sound

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $49.00

User Reviews of the Danelectro Milkshake DJ-7

Submitted by mark from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (2 points) on Feb 23, 2005:
i love the chorus sound of this little guy. i have a DOD stereo chorus also, and it has a very good sound, but is no where as extreme a sound as this little blue darling baby baby. the chorus sound is very tweakable, and with both knobs twisted all the way to the right it sounds like you are playing underwater. if you move the knobs opposite each other or all the way towards each other while getting feedback from your instrument it makes for some fascinating sounds. also, this thing can just go on its own if you have it on the right settings in a long pedal chain. it can create this incredibly textured, oscillating click track. i use it on its own now, and change the dial settings on the depth knob to change the rhythm. it is hard to get it to do this, but once you figure out it has been easy to replicate. just keep trying, the result is very rewarding and absolutely unique.

Good Points: cheap; exciting sounds, a really good chorus.

Bad Points: not a one.

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Price Paid: US$16.00
Purchased At: antiques store
Submitted by snuffnord from Rohnert Park, CA (48 points) on Jan 11, 2004:
a nice chorus that sound either really watery with the depth down and the speed in the middle, or really thick and rich with the depth up and the speed in the middle. also sounds like a delay with the speed up and he depth down.

Good Points:

Bad Points:

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Submitted by timothy from Rohnert Park, CA (68 points) on Dec 25, 2003:
great it does what it is supposed to and what ever you can with your imagination. watery, thick or shimmery. wih speed cranked, depth down it is a dely so thats cool. doesnt provide much in FLoop by itself, but with clipping and/or phaser it is crazy.

Good Points: cheap, chorus, analogish.

Bad Points: none

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Price Paid: US$30.00
Purchased At: music biz
Submitted by Rich from maidenhead (2 points) on Nov 2, 2002:
I tried a few chorus pedals over a course or a few weeks trying to find one I really liked, but as soon as i played this i knew it was the one i wanted. It really thickens the sond and adds a bit of edge to the sound. Just be carefull to make sure you check the depth and speed are not too high or it will just sound really out of tune. I also tried the aria pro 2 at the same time, with built in wah and distortion and it didnt give the same thick sound as the milkshake. Definatly a good purchase, even if it is quite expensive for a chorus.

Good Points: Very thick sound if it is on the right settings.

Bad Points: If you make the sound too thick it really sounds like you are playing out of tune.

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Price Paid: US$65.00
Purchased At: planet guitars

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