Daphon Overdrive E10OD

Daphon Overdrive E10OD

Power Supply:DC9V battery or AC/DC 9V 300mA adaptor Input Impedance:1M Ohm Output Impedance:>10K Ohm They are suitable for continuous sound amplification of electric signal with deep volume & tone control.

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User Reviews of the Daphon Overdrive E10OD

  • Submitted by skip from fuzhou (46 points) on Jan 11, 2005
  • I am reviewing the new E20OD. For 25 dollars US dollars(purchased here in china) it s a decent OD pedal.The new E20 series is not cheap plastic, but rugged metal! the knobs are solid and stay where you put them. reminicent of the old yellow DOD. even with the drive down it adds some color to the sound in a clean-boosty good way. I add it to a metal dist pedal for boosting and adding an upper mid tone. Im happier than i thought i would be!most chinese product pale in comparison, but this one ... for the price is great. vol
  • Good Points: tone, rugged case, nice 'click" when stepping on it. the tone control 'rolls off" highs for a warmer tone best for a "boost effect" its the first time i ever added dist to dist, and it works!
  • Bad Points: well its not "boutique' but so what?
  • Price Paid: US$25.00
  • Purchased At: chinese music store
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