DigiTech Digital Stereo Chorus/Flanger PDS 1700

DigiTech Digital Stereo Chorus/Flanger PDS 1700
Seperate chorus and flanger settings and controls. Switch between either setting with foot switch.

User Reviews of the DigiTech Digital Stereo Chorus/Flanger PDS 1700

Submitted by john from Thorofare, NJ (30 points) on Feb 12, 2009:
it's ok in mono, but sounds amazingly really great when you run it in stereo - great stereo imaging for anything you want to grung-ify, audio-wise... the delay settings give more of a clear delay effect than any other flanger or chorus i've heard.

Good Points: usable right away, event though there are more hi-fi sounding modulation pedals out there. you can get more extreme effects if you go inside and tweak the internal pots. sturdy, usable enclosure. a really neat - and forgotten - stompbox.

Bad Points: you can use a 9V battery, although you're better off with a power supply, since it's easy to run the battery down. not a "true bypass" effect - that said, the switching is pretty quiet.

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Submitted by gr-eh? from Detroit, MI (346 points) on May 19, 2002:
another one in that CHEAP deal, i didn't have much hope for this thing. boy was i wrong! i cracked the case on this badboy to replace the battery cable and what did i find but no less than FOUR trimpots awaiting my eager screwdriver. this thing fuzzed, hums, whines and self-oscillates to hell and back now that i've tweaked it. only one effect can be used at a time and it isn't true bypass (possibly only since i've messed with it). now it gives a totally unique sound like a either effect tripled up on itself and reverberating. chorus has speed/delaytime/depth knobs, flanger has speed/delaytime/depth/regen knobs.

Good Points: stereo outputs! once tweaked, it functions both normally and when the knobs are tuned high enough it goes into freak-out mode. great as a sound source fed back on itself.

Bad Points: not true bypass, takes tweaking the trimpots to make really worthwhile.

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Price Paid: US$16.00
Purchased At: cousin of guy at work

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