DOD Attacker FX54

DOD Attacker FX54
DOD FX-84 Attacker: Not just a distortion pedal, this handy box from DOD gives you compression as well so your signal level stays strong and focused even through the fattest of crunches.

User Reviews of the DOD Attacker FX54

Submitted by apewrist from Kielce (262 points) on Feb 17, 2011:
I was surprised when I first used this pedal in my setup. It adds certain amount of power to the overall sound. Coupled with DOD Death Metal, DOD Grind and DOD Thrash Master in a feedback loop, the Attacker adds another palette of textures to choose from. As a stand-alone pedal it's nothing special. Just a usual, mediocre distorion. Buy it only to use in feedback loops where it really shines.

Good Points: - DOD! - Sturdy - Sounds great in a feedback loop - Adds additional strenght/power to the overall signal

Bad Points: - The compressor is pretty much useless for harsh noise - Power input jack - Boring when used on its own

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Price Paid: US$25.00
Purchased At: Bought it from a friend
Submitted by grizzlor from Norristown, PA (580 points) on Aug 13, 2006:
On it's own it's an o.k. distortion, not one of dod's shining stars, there's a good bass response and its just o.k. with mid and treble responses, but where this particular box shines is the feedback loop, if you couple it with another distortion and an eq along with a phaser, chorus or flanger, you can get some great screechy squeals. it certainly does ok, and the compressor does nothing for the noiseso you only really have 3 knobs to play with...

Good Points: decent price, shines in fbl

Bad Points: compressor , no good for noise...there are better dod's though

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Price Paid: US$35.00
Purchased At: ebay
Submitted by K. from Sealy, TX (472 points) on Apr 13, 2003:
This was one of my first distortion pedals when starting out in noise. An adequate unit, though the distortion was always a little weak from my point of view. Adding compression was a decent enough idea, but there's only control over the amount of compression, shich is most likely optimized for guitar, no noticeable effect in a feedback loop. The compression will add a bit of a boost if using a contact mic or microphone, best to keep the distortion level maxed out for best effect. Unfortunately this pedal just didn't compare well to other distortions I've used and I unloaded it a few years ago.

Good Points:

Bad Points: Mediocre distortion

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Price Paid: US$64.00
Purchased At: gEEEtar Center

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