DOD Deep Freeze Bass Chorus FX63

DOD Deep Freeze Bass Chorus FX63

The FX63 Deep Freeze Stereo Bass Chorus produces sounds so big and sharp it's likely to cause frostbite. "Chill" controls the amount of chorus, "Cold" controls the speed, "Deep" controls depth, and "Defrost" is for the high end EQ of the chorus signal. Nippy!

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User Reviews of the DOD Deep Freeze Bass Chorus FX63

  • Submitted by T.J. from Monroe, NY (18 points) on Jan 27, 2011
  • I borrowed this pedal from a buddy of mine. A bit battered but smooth and shimmery.
  • Good Points: Running my bass through the pedal, I got some awesome and classic chorus tones. Kinda Jaco-y. The cooler bit about was the stereo input. I ran one output into the input jack and got some crazy siren sounds.
  • Bad Points: I didn't have the pedal long enough to see how it handled the test of time. Other than that, I can't complain.
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