DOD Stereo Chorus FX65

DOD Stereo Chorus FX65
The FX65 Stereo Chorus gives extra creative control over the chorus effect with its delay time control.

User Reviews of the DOD Stereo Chorus FX65

Submitted by grizzlor from Norristown, PA (580 points) on Feb 24, 2006:
for the price you pay, don't miss out, most of the times you can't hear chorus's, but they do add dimensions to you noise + it's an instant feedback loop

Good Points: solid dod metal case feedback loop starter cheap!

Bad Points: normal dod complaints

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Price Paid: US$22.00
Purchased At: ebay
Submitted by tapesss from Brooksville, FL (324 points) on Jul 10, 2005:
great pedal. can add some great warble to your sound, reacts rather well with a ring mod after it. like others have said, you can feed this back into itself, and it makes a great noise generator. all kinds of siren sounds and things. these are pretty cheap on eBay, i reccomend picking one up, it's well worth it.

Good Points: adds some great color to your sound, reacts well with other pedals, ability to make a feedback loop, excellent siren sounds, solid as a rock.

Bad Points: the battery cover comes off sometimes

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Price Paid: US$20.00
Purchased At: eBay
Submitted by nkondi from Portland, OR (534 points) on Sep 22, 2003:
warbling isnt as insane as the super stereo chorus, and lacks the volume knob that its breatheren dont waste your time if you have to choose between the two, or already hav the super...

Good Points: solid dod construction...

Bad Points: okay lesser brother of the super stereo chorus...

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Price Paid: US$20.00
Purchased At: ebay
Submitted by D/A A/D from Halifax (374 points) on Nov 15, 2002:
Ok - plug output 1 into the input = INSTANT WARBLING OSCILLATING MADNESS!!! actually you can do this with any DOD stereo chorus (the super stereo works the best, but I already gave it a review). Tweak the knobs and your in heaving!!!!! Goes from a resonating moog to a thermion, to a freaking jet plane on crack!!! best damn noise pedal in my arsenal for source sounds!!!

Good Points: Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!!! DOD construction, and GREAT SOUNDS - in a feedback loop...

Bad Points: crappy 9v positive tip 1/8th adapter. other than that none!..

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Price Paid: US$10.00
Purchased At: a friend
Submitted by Ben from United States (206 points) on Mar 22, 2002:
Not incredibly useful, as most chorus pedals, for noise purposes. Sometimes good with reverb or delay just before the mixer/amp/recorder to give the overall sound some depthy, especially on ambient pieces. You can sometimes get some useful sounds running one channel out into some effects and back into the input, then the other channel into an amp/mixer/recorder, perhaps with other effects first.

Good Points: see review

Bad Points: not a bad chorus pedal, but chorus pedals overall aren't incredibly useful for noise

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Price Paid: US$11.00
Purchased At: ebay

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