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The TEC4 has 16 effects and 30 patches to choose from. All patches include compression, distortion, delay, reverb, noise gate, a modulation effect, and three bands of equalization. The modulation effect can be either a chorus, flanger, ring modulator, phaser, tremolo, pitch shifter, detuner, wah (with an expression pedal), auto wah, or DOD's own pixellator effect created along with Charlie Clouser of Nine Inch Nails. The pixellator intentionally degrades the signal, popular for creating industrial and techno sounds. The TEC4 can be run on either a standard 9V battery or with a power supply.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $169.95

User Reviews of the DOD TEC4

Submitted by Jeffrey from Madison, WI (42 points) on Apr 29, 2009:
oh, god. this was my first effect unit and a total mistake. aside from the horrid digital make-up, it was very difficult to use. you can't combine muliple effects--it's essentially a one trick pony for whatever one trick you'd like. i think presets were lost very readily--can't totally remember--like when you unplugged the darn thing. anyway, there was one waaaay cool effect preset: kind of a gonkulator/ring mod. thing, but very digitized. i guess robin finck of nine inch nails co-designed that one, so whup-de-do.

Good Points: that one effect

Bad Points: digital, tinny only one effect at a time difficult interface

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Price Paid: US$200.00
Purchased At: local, independent store
Submitted by nkondi from Portland, OR (534 points) on May 2, 2003:
i had this awhile back but sold it for some analog keyboard material, which ended up being a mistake. under its cheap, crappy outer shell is a wounderous amount of efx at your disposal...some weird enough for noise. there are no volume problems, and all the effects are pretty top notch. unlike the tec 4x this one can run on batteries. this deffinately worth the money if you need a simple to use multi efx.

Good Points: editble, loud enough...nothing really weak inside this little monster...

Bad Points: crapy, crapy, crapy construction...

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Price Paid: US$60.00
Purchased At: ebay

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