Ibanez Analog Delay AD99

Ibanez Analog Delay AD99
The AD99 has the natural sound and functions within wider parameters of the old (analog delay) pedals. It gets both longer and shorter delay times and, unlike most vintage pedals, doesn't overload when the controls are turned up. Warm sounding analog delay is what you get with the AD99. The AD99 features Effect and Dry outputs for stereo simulation. AC Adaptor included.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $230.00

User Reviews of the Ibanez Analog Delay AD99

Submitted by Shuvmai from Clifton, NJ (10 points) on Mar 19, 2010:
I stroked my kok ALL NIGHT when I played with this fukir

Good Points: Makes me harder than a donkey kok

Bad Points: I came too many times, my balz hurt now!

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Price Paid: US$11.00
Purchased At: Some gookchinky dude
Submitted by Jamie from Orlando, FL (34 points) on Jan 11, 2007:
This is an excellent sounding delay, very warm, wet, etc. I'd imagine it sounds a lot like the ad-9, just with wider parameters. I've used countless digital delays, and wanted an anolog just for its sound qualities (sounds you'll never get from digital). Incredible self oscillation in feedback loops; there is a very wide variety of sounds to find. This is the only analog delay I've ever used; I read a lot about it, thought it looked cool, considered Ibanez's reputation, finally found one, and bought it.

Good Points: superb feedback loops clean signal very sturdy

Bad Points: ac adapter only knobs aren't round

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Price Paid: US$150.00
Purchased At: ebay

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