Johnson Stereo Chorus SC-2

Johnson Stereo Chorus SC-2
The Johnson SC-2 "Stereo Chorus" pedal produces a warm, syrupy sound that is absolutely fantastic. It features adjustable Hi & Lo filters to give you a wide range of tonal possibilities, as well as Rate, Depth and Level controls. Futhermore, it's housed in a rugged metal casing. The controls are neatly recessed below the top of the pedal. A single LED indicator light acts as both a power indicator, and a battery level indicator. Runs on a single 9v battery (included), or a 9v AC power adapter (not included).

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $39.00

User Reviews of the Johnson Stereo Chorus SC-2

Submitted by provera from Waterloo, IA (140 points) on Nov 23, 2006:
The problem with most chorus is it gets lost in the mix, but the eq on this helps avoid that a lot. I usually use the stereo outs to fork it off from my loop, dial in a frequency i'm not hitting (usually lows) and bring it up on the mixer when I need it. Not a must-have, but it you're looking for cheap useful chorus it's a smart move.

Good Points: Cheap, well-built, stereo outs, decent eq

Bad Points: Both the knobs and jacks are really stiff

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Price Paid: US$20.00
Purchased At: ebay
Submitted by nkondi from Portland, OR (534 points) on Oct 6, 2003:
sweet mother of god, a high and low filter on a chorus with stereo outs? this thing holds its own in the middle of a feedback loop, but where it really shines is at the beginning. with those high and low filter knobs at the top, you can get some bass churning lows that coupled with a few standard distortions and filters can rattle your windows.

Good Points: good sound quality solid construction...

Bad Points: but almost too solid, when i got this pedal in, the knobs were a little on the tight end, and the on/off is still way tighter than a dod...

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Price Paid: US$30.00
Purchased At: ebay

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