Maestro Parametric Filter MPF

Maestro Parametric Filter MPF

The Maestro Parametric Filter MPF is a truly unique vintage filter pedal. Made around 1977, the body of the pedal is stepped on to turn on and off the effect. There is a large knob on the top of the pedal that selects 5 different filter modes. The dial on the right controls the frequency you want to cut or boost. The other dial on the left controls the amount of cut or boost. Can be used for a parametric equalizer or a fizzy fuzz! Powered by a single 9-volt battery.

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User Reviews of the Maestro Parametric Filter MPF

  • Submitted by Stone from Manchester (30 points) on Feb 18, 2010
  • Awesome effects pedal. Parametric EQ with distortion. very clever, designed by Bob moog and used by Alex Lifeson of Rush and Josh Homme of Queens of the stone age amongst others. Its all over the Rated R album by Qotsa. The only downsides from the pedal is its size, no led indication, Like nearly 10 inches length by 6 inches width by 3 inches at its highest end and is very heavy too. Total foot control was a nice idea but it just isnt functional enough in a gig situation. height increases the volume of the frequency you have selected, freq dials in the frequency. The black disc lets you choose how thick your band width is. Kinda if you think about it like a linear eq. Its Rare and not many come up so if you see one buy it. I have all larger total foot control effects pedals. The phaser is very good. Fuzztain not so great but does compress the guitar sound pretty well but the fuzz as it implies isnt great in my opinion. Theres only one person that makes an incarnation of this and thats moi!!! Hope this review has helped those who are interest in this effect. Stone Deaf Fx
  • Good Points: Awesome parametric eq, very well made, unique in its sound I would say and is a great distortion/fuzz/overdrive.
  • Bad Points: Too big, total foot control isnt functional, heavy, not pedal board friendly. No 9v adaptor!!! Battery only, no overall level control.
  • Price Paid: US$300.00
  • Purchased At: Ebay!!!
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