Peavey Delta Stomp

Peavey Delta Stomp

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Choose from 16 effects, each with two tweakable parameters. The first parameter of each can be controlled by CV/expression pedal. Common parameters are input level, output level & dry/wet mix. Effects include: volume swell, octaver, 3 reverbs, wah-wah, auto wah, delay & reverb, 3 delays, tremolo, chorus, phaser, flanger, and rotary speaker. Also has stereo outputs. Powered by a 16v AC wall wart only.

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User Reviews of the Peavey Delta Stomp

  • Submitted by gr-eh? from Detroit, MI (374 points) on Mar 23, 2002
  • stereo unit with 16 effects, most are nothing special but rotary speaker is nice (and somewhat nauseating at times!), the delays are pretty good. the reverbs are probably my favorite in this unit. i haven't used it much in a loop, more as processing of external sources (contact mics, reel to reel, feedback, toys). you really get a whole lotta bang for yer buck with this baby, because even though the effects are not too inspiring, you get 16 different sounding settings to play with, plus the out/blend/in knobs which kick ass. did i mention stereo outs? also has two stomp switches, one to bypass the actual effect and one to entirely bypass the unit (hence ignoring the out/blend/in levels set on the unit) which is very cool. so shut it off and keep the levels you've got set or ignore the whole box period.
  • Good Points: a stack of effects in one box, so rapid sound changes are possible with the twist of a knob. takes CV to control a parameter of each effect. looks pretty sturdy. out/dry-wet/in control. has a bunch of effects i'd have never bought but now have just in case i wanna play with 'em.
  • Bad Points: clips like a fiend when fed back into itself, and as i stated, pretty standard effects. the wah and auto-wah are probably my least favorite. actual "stereo" outs only work on some effects, no panning delays unfortunately. also i think i may have paid too much but i'm satisfied so its all good.
  • Price Paid: US$85.00
  • Purchased At: eBay
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