Peavey Digital Delay DDL-3

Peavey Digital Delay DDL-3

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Peavey DDL-3 Digital Delay is an ultraquiet studio quality, stereo digital delay pedal with 12.5 milliseconds to 3200 milliseconds of delay time. It'll do double tracking, slap-back echo, and 3.2 seconds of infinite "hold" without signal degradation.

User Reviews of the Peavey Digital Delay DDL-3

Submitted by Albert from East Greenwich, RI (82 points) on Nov 15, 2007:
Odd colored musical gear and either suck or kick ass. This one kicks ass. Warm, responsive repeats can click and clack, feedback into itself, create robot like harmonics, and fade its delays away. Very cool pedal. Worth every penny you will pay.

Good Points: Great control over feedback rate, time and level. Solid construction. Doesn't eat signal. Can split dry and effected signal at output.

Bad Points: It's yellow. The button is a little tough to switch sometimes.

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Price Paid: US$40.00
Purchased At: Bought off a co-worker
Submitted by Aphadaphaler from Portland, OR (146 points) on Apr 2, 2007:
Great box. Quiet. The repeats sound warm and natural not digital like my dod delay. The feedback will start to self ocilate. has a momentary mode which is kind of neat.

Good Points: quiet, tanklike, smooth knobs.

Bad Points: none to common?

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Price Paid: US$25.00
Purchased At: ebay
Submitted by Adrian from Raleigh, NC (234 points) on Mar 14, 2002:
This is a very nice delay pedal, especially for the relatively cheap prices they pop up for on eBay and the like. 3.2 seconds of delay with 12bit sampling. To my ears, it sounds clearer than the digitech pds series delays. It also seems to have a wider range of delay times at each time range, (most seem to have about a 4x range, ie .5 sec to 2 seconds. This one seems to be 5x, so you can get more rumbling lows) It has kind of a pseudo sampling mode, where if the pedal is off, and you turn it on, it will repeat the last chunk of sound that went though it (up to 3.2 seconds). This of course means, no true bypass. Like most peavey gear, it looks hard to destroy, even if you are want to. Oh, and like all good delay pedals, if you open it up, there are two trimpots for setting min and max delay times. Tweaked to the limits, it seems to be good for roughly 6 secs of lower quality delay. With the min delay time set shorter, the range of delay sweep allows you to drop the pitch of samples even more than "stock" I've got two of these, one "stock" and one with the delay ranges tweaked.

Good Points: clear sound, pretty long delay times. A wider than normal range to sweep the delay time. Sturdy case. Fairly easy to tweak for even longer delays.

Bad Points: eats batteries pretty quickly, somewhat nonstandard powersupply, rubber covered switch can be somewhat difficult to switch by hand, at least one of mine has a tendency to suffer from what sounds like sample frequency conversion lossiness if you sweep back and forth on the delay time alot.

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Price Paid: US$50.00
Purchased At: eBay

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