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Submitted by Demian from Hemet, CA (6 points) on Nov 15, 2010:
I obtained one of these from my father in the Mid-80s. This pedal WAS my sound for my first few bands (from 86 to 89). It didn't matter what amps, guitars, or distortion I was using, THIS pedal was what made my sound; it was always on. The knob would be turned all the way to the left (0) for my rhythms, and half way (50%) for my leads. With the knob turned all the way down, it gives a really cool slow strong sweep that I've ONLY been able to replicate with the MXR Phase 90. I've tried many other phasers and flangers, both vintage and current, to get that sound, and they just don't do it.

Good Points: I think the best aspect is the single knob. Other phasers have multible controls, with obviously color the sound in ways much different than this, which is probably why I've not been able to replicate this sound with the others. Being encased in metal, it's very sturdy. I'd never had problems with mine. The worst thing that happens is your battery dies, no big deal.

Bad Points: With these older pedals, the only way to get to the battery is to remove all 4 screws holding the base in place. But with that being the ONLY down side to this pedal, it's really a petty thing to point out.

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Submitted by Aaron from Dallas, TX (2 points) on Nov 4, 2004:
My dad bought this pedal back in the mid-70's. I found it in a box full of pre-amps and cables. I replaced the battery, and after 20 years of being in the box, it sounded great.

Good Points: Simplicity. Only one knob, but the variablity of speed is very wide. You can create very subtle to quick pulsating phasing with this pedal. Housing is durable and connection points are high quality.

Bad Points: For a pedal that is 30 years old, it only has one problem. The pot is a little scratchy. It used to pop a little bit when you would turn it off/on, but that has since disappeared.

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Price Paid: US$40.00
Purchased At: A store in Lubbock, TX (1976)

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