Boss Hyper Fuzz FZ-2

Boss Hyper Fuzz FZ-2

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Recreates the classic fuzz tone sound characteristics of the '60s. Use the Fuzz as a convenient gain booster or, with 3 modes and 4 different controls, you can create a wide variety of fuzz tone sounds.

User Reviews of the Boss Hyper Fuzz FZ-2

Submitted by kk from Annandale On Hudson, NY (88 points) on Sep 4, 2009:
fucking great pedal - i swore by my Big Muffs until I got my hands on one of these. brutal fuzzes, the bass is a little lacking at times but overall a killer effect and it rules with synths and contact mics. put an ODB-3 after it for bass destruction. i will never get rid of mine

Good Points: brutal, Fuzz I sounds like a real old dirty fuzz, Fuzz II sounds like a Shin-Ei Fuzz Companion. boost rules.

Bad Points: eats a little bass.

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Price Paid: US$55.00
Purchased At: daddy's junky music
Submitted by teddy from Jakarta (26 points) on Nov 7, 2006:
Two different fuzz mode, the first one is rather classic-style while the second is the modern one. It really destroys everything that pass thru it. The gain mode is best to produce feedback noises.

Good Points: it can fatten everything that pass thru it.

Bad Points: It cut your sustain badly.

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Price Paid: US$25.00
Purchased At: MG Music Melawai
Submitted by Frank from Chicago, IL (52 points) on May 8, 2006:
As far as I'm concerned, this is *the* rediculously-high-gain-fuzz. The fuzz II setting is all out slaughter especially if you like it harsh and more especially if you crank the treble. There's some fat fuzzy tones in there as well but if you want those, you're going to be better off w/ just about any other fuzz in the world. The gain boost is kind of neat too especially if you're using something that overdrives well when you send it a really hot signal rather than new PA gear for amplification.

Good Points: Doesn't sound like a normal fuzz. Wide palate of sounds. Potentially really harsh.

Bad Points: A somewhat popular metal band from England uses these for guitar and it's driving the price up. BOSS pedals are flimsy and cheap. I have yet to meet one I didn't break--this included. It's noisy and it sucks tone when it's off.

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Price Paid: US$50.00
Purchased At: some kid I new in highschool
Submitted by ck3 from Portland, ME (366 points) on Feb 20, 2005:
I was lucky enough to come by one of these via an international trade. Uncharacteristically savage for a Boss Pedal, the FZ-2 produces slight upper octave harmonics in both of its fuzz modes. In both Fuzz modes, I would describe it as a more tame/higher gain version of an Ampeg Scrambler. The tones can vary as others described in previous reviews, and I am finding it to be more flexible than my former Ampeg Scrambler clone (which I traded for the FZ-2).

Good Points: Cascades well with other fuzzes. Sounds interesting placed after modulation. All in all, offers tones that are suitable for both ambient and industrial (guitar) noise.

Bad Points: Hums a bit with certain settings. Can't handle chords (though the results can be usable sometimes). Discontinued and somewhat difficult to find.

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Price Paid: US$0.00
Purchased At: Harmony Central Effects Forum
Submitted by Marco from Brescia (134 points) on Oct 25, 2004:
I love its sound. Very low very aggressive very sludgy. Fuzz 1 is less brutal than fuzz 2, but it has a better control on low frequency sounds. Boost function is huge. I've found it very useful. But if you like a fuzz with great sustain, don't play with it: try a Big Muff or a Blue Box, instead.

Good Points: -good use for each mode -evil sound -good tone knob

Bad Points: -weak sustain -limited use of the gain knob (you can choose between fuzz or more fuzz only) -discontinued, so expensive'n'rare

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Price Paid: US$70.00
Purchased At: E-Bay
Submitted by Yves from Ottawa (136 points) on Jul 1, 2003:
Works well with low frequency sounds, too! Useful when rigged in parallel through a mixer, though you can gradually add its effect to a signal directly by using only the pedal's controls. Low frequency noises are awesome when this pedal precedes a BOSS => bass overdrive, followed by distortion. The flanged zipper/ripping noise of thunder is greatly enhanced by it. No complaints. Will look to get a second one. Or maybe compare it to the Zoom fuzz factory that others have been raving about on this site?

Good Points: Lots of tweakability. Can be inserted in many spots / positions in an effect chain. Try it before and after a phaser, or in between two phasers... Wow.

Bad Points: One of the pricier used BOSS pedals... Glad to have gotten this one at a bargain price (69 CDN is even less in $US).

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Price Paid: US$69.00
Purchased At: Retrotown Music (Ottawa, CA)
Submitted by Rob from London (346 points) on Nov 15, 2002:
This is a great pedal. Fuzz 2 has got that brutal Big Muff style bass heavy fuzz tone, with scooped mids. There's a great doomy sound to it, the built noise gate adds a slight decending swoosh to single notes which is great. Sounds good on bass and lower sounds. It doesn't sustain that much as one reviewer pointed out, but it's still very playable. It sustains more than some people say - the notes don't get rudely cut off like some gated pedals. It's got plenty of gain and it's very useful for noise. It's also got a massive gain boost mode (up to 26DB!) that you can also taylor the EQ for. Even if you don't like the fuzz it's worth getting just to add a hotter signal to your chain. Great grungey and sludgy pedal. Lots of bass and lots of gain.

Good Points: Cool EVIL tone on Fuzz2. Loud, and noisy Great boost function. Quiet, not noisy at all.

Bad Points: As with most fuzzes, you can disappear behind the fuzz if there's too much gain. Is this a good thing though? Doesn't cut though mixes that well. Can't use the boost and fuzz modes at once. Fuzz 1 is a little boring.

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Price Paid: US$0.00
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Submitted by Anthony from Sydney (38 points) on Feb 11, 2002:
This is a fuzz box.

Good Points: Ever bought a pedal, got a sound in 30 seconds and never changed it ever (I've has this thing for like 6 years and never tounched it). All bass, no treble all gain. Brilliant pedal for sludgy sounds.

Bad Points: Boss pedals are simple. This does what is has to well.

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Price Paid: US$80.00
Purchased At:
Submitted by K. from Sealy, TX (476 points) on Dec 22, 2001:
This has to be my favorite Boss distortion, since I use three of them (two in the "studio" chain, and one live). The best thing about it is the mode switch which allows you to choose between two fuzz modes and a 20dB boost function, great to just quickly switch back and forth through the three modes, kind of easily simulates a "cut-up" style of noise. One thing to remember though is the volume control does not work in boost mode, so it's best to just leave the vol. full on when switching in this manner. The tone controls seem to work best when the fuzz level is dialed down, and if you're familiar w/ the Boss "distortion chart" included in their "Guitar Effects Guide" the fuzz is definitely of the rough, metallic variety, I find most of the time I keep the fuzz settings very low. Also, in a "line loop" it doesn't tend to squeal like most other distortions, w/ a little tweaking the FZ 2 provides a nice rumbling self-oscilation, though in this set up avoid the boost mode.

Good Points: Three mode switch simulates cut-up sound

Bad Points: High fuzz setting can make sound muddy

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Price Paid: US$50.00
Purchased At: Texas Music Imporium, pawn shop
Submitted by john from Shelton, CT (12 points) on Aug 17, 2001:
Three modes: fuzz I, fuzz II, and gain boost. Level knob, tone: treble and bass and a gain knob. ...I had to get the all mighty FZ-2. It was discontinued around 6 years ago and i never could find it and eventually i found some different distortions that did the job. Well recently i saw one used and since i didn't really have a fuzz pedal, only overdrives, i had to have it. When it finally arrived i was extremely dissappointed. It oscillates on either fuzz mode at anything less than full gain. Horrible! The tone controls are weak also. Did i mention absolutely zero sustain? That is it's biggest downfall. It does have the redeming third function of a gain boost, except you need to have your amp set at a pretty high volume level to begin with in order to make a smooth transition from bypass to gain boost. If you are playing at a high bypass volume level the gain boost is realy cool though since you can shape it into a more crunch, more treble, more bass or combination boost.

Good Points: The gain boost function. A little drastic at a low amp volume, but the only feature I enjoy.

Bad Points: Zero sustain! Heavy oscillation factor! (maybe you like that in a fuzz)

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Price Paid: US$90.00
Purchased At: musictoyz

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