GearBug Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Do you guys sell the items shown on this site?
Unfortunately, we do not sell gear from this site. This site contains reviews and information only. You may want to try NoiseFX. They sell all sorts of neat musical gear!
I reviewed an item and it was listed on the site but seems to have disappeared. What's up?
More than likely, your review was deleted by the site operators. If your review reads something like "this pedal rules." then it was probably deleted as it adds no real value to the site. Sorry but these are the rules! Examples of real reviews that were deleted:
its got tone to the bone...
Overpriced pedal. My fucking Blues Pearl Blue Screamer is no longer made either and sounds great so how about giving me $500 for my pedal you asslickers.
...I want a Boot Leg pedal SOOOO bad... please, anyone, email if you have one for sale and can ship to the US
...This is the best delay ever! You will never need another one ever again!!!!!...

What are your review posting guidelines?
  • Post reviews only for products you have used firsthand and write only one review per product.
  • Detail your experience and make comparisons. What did you like or dislike and why? What other similar products have you used? Who should buy it? Who should not?
  • Write reviews that are at least 50 words long.
  • Please check your spelling.
I noticed that you don't have a certain item listed on your site. Can you add it?
We would love to know about some piece of equipment we don't have on our site. Many of the items on the site now have been requested by users just like you! Just visit the contact page and let us know about it!
I am a pedal manufacturer and would like to have my catalog listed on your site.
Contact us! We more than likely will be happy to accommodate!!