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  • Submitted by Steven from Spring, TX (10 points) on Dec 12, 2004
  • The full name on this guy is Universal Fuzz Platform. Not sure how long they made it, but it is a pretty scarce item; I've only seen two before-- the one that we had at a store where I worked and the one I own. (And I have a sneaking suspicion that they are one and the same pedal, having been sold, resold, and rebought.) I believe original list on them was around 0, with not much discount. That said, this is a pretty nice fuzz. Controls are typical fuzz-- volume and gain. What makes it unique is the ability to switch out circuit boards containing different transistors to get different fuzz sounds. Silicon transistors, germanium transistors, variations within the two. You can go from a fizzy farty FuzzFace tone to a fat, roary BigMuff tone by switching the board. There's even one designed to sound TubeScreamer-y. It was a pretty novel concept that didn't seem to catch on.
  • Good Points: All of the boards sound pretty good-- some have that gate-y quality that most guitarists hate (but then, I don't think most of them will be reading reviews on HarshNoise *wink*). It's definitely geared towards conventional music, but most of the tones can be pushed into "offensive" territory, making it a pretty good feedback and buzz generator. Don't know how well it would work in a purely-pedal setup, but it does a good job of destroying the sounds of synths and electro-acoustic instruments, providing a good base for further manipulation. It's solidly-designed and cool-sounding, and for what it's worth, it predates BlackCat's move to overseas production.
  • Bad Points: Changing boards requires that you take off the bottom plate, which could be a hindrance if you're trying to switch sounds onstage. For a recording pedal, or for those who don't need to switch sounds mid-piece, it shouldn't pose too great a problem.
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