Effector 13 Disaster Fuzz

Effector 13 Disaster Fuzz

The Effector 13 Disaster Fuzz comes with a flipswitch that engages a second fuzz mode that kills the oscillation and creates a sound very much like the old E13 Krackle Fuzz. Lo-fi dieing, battery silicon fuzz at its best! The Disaster Fuzz simply take the amazing fuzz from the Truly Beautiful Disaster, and places it in a compact and easy-to-use enclosure. There's no intimidation of the half dozen knobs. Simply the Volume controls the intensity and Oscillation controls the intensity of the oscillating, lower octave effect. This is by far, no ordinary fuzz pedal. With it's self oscillating circuit, you can achieve fun theremin tones, and lower octave madness that, at higher settings, can arpeggiate into synth-style square wave love!

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User Reviews of the Effector 13 Disaster Fuzz

  • Submitted by Jon from Huntsville, AL (496 points) on Nov 29, 2009
  • The Disaster Fuzz is really something that requires a good bit of playing around with in order to find where it works best. The controls are certainly straightforward enough, but it reacts differently depending on how it's used, and even what cables are used (this pedal seems to work best with a higher quality, low-resistance cable in the output jack... so none of those lovely RatShit patch cables that you love so much). Despite a couple of odd quirks, it's a very good pedal for that "velcro" fuzz sound, and it can get pretty glitchy on some settings, too! I'm assuming mine is an earlier version. Unlike the one pictured here, mine does not come with a switch to kill the oscillation. Instead, it has a green status LED where the switch is mounted in the above picture.
  • Good Points: Good construction. Works well on a lot of sound sources (karaoke mics, samples, geetar, synths/tone generators, and just about anything else. Putting a delay in front of it fucks up the repeats in a really cool way. Depending on the cables used, along with the knob positions, you can still cut out the oscillation altogether, which is good since sometimes you just don't want oscillation! I basically use it for only two sounds, but I like those sounds quite a bit.
  • Bad Points: Like a lot of analog fuzz pedals, the output volume is not nearly loud enough compared to other dirt pedals. Depending on how it's used, it can sound pretty boring... It's not always that great in FB loops. It can be a little frustrating trying to get to know its idiosyncrasies a first.
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