Guyatone Guitar Exciter & Comp Double Effect PS-021

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  • Submitted by Tham from Kuala Lumpur (10 points) on Aug 4, 2006
  • I'm not a guitarist, but I believe every playing guitarist should have this unit. My friend used one on his setup around 1986, in line after the distortion unit, such as Boss's Heavy Metal. You could get virtually any kind of distortion sound with it, because the "Color" control, you can vary the harmonics from even to odd. The "Exciter" adds a brilliance to the sound, similar to the Aphex Aural Exciter, so it can even be used for vocals. With the "Color" turned to the left, around 9 o'clock, you would get even harmonics, close sounding towards a tube amp's distortion. Placed after the distortion, you could step on it when you wanted to do a solo, as it would boost your sound level up as well. This was a really versatile, superb and underrated effect, and none of the other effects manufacturers made an equivalent unit. The closest I could find at that time as Dod's Harmonic Enhancer, and this had no "Color" or compressor built in. Boss had no such effect in their immense armamentarium. Most guitarists were ignorant of the existence of this effect.
  • Good Points: Highly versatile "Color" control lets you get even or odd harmonics. Superb "Exciter" control to add brilliance and depth to your sound, similar to the Aphex Aural Exciter. Built-in compressor control. You don't need to buy the Boss Compression Sustainer. Low noise.
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