Steven Overdrive OV-4S

Steven Overdrive OV-4S

The Steven Overdrive OV-4S provides a clean signal boost with the ability to adjust the equalization with the TONE knob. Great to pump up signals to feed into other high output distortion pedals, etc. Built very similar to a Boss pedal with a slightly wider footprint. Takes a 9v battery or the same type of 9v power adapters Boss and newer DOD uses.

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User Reviews of the Steven Overdrive OV-4S

  • Submitted by ralph from San Francisco, CA (114 points) on Oct 18, 2006
  • it is a big piece of crap as far as noise goes, it sucks all the goodness out and returns nothing no matter where it is in the chain-avoid this!
  • Good Points: none
  • Bad Points: all
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