theSYLE Atom Filter

theSYLE Atom Filter

The Atom Filter from theSYLE is an airtight lo-fi filter. Gives you an old transistor radio type effect. Add ringing octaves and crashing tones. Run your other effects into a new dimension! A very soothing and yet hateful sound!

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User Reviews of the theSYLE Atom Filter

  • Submitted by Frenzied Destruction from Cold Spring, MN (136 points) on Jun 3, 2008
  • Um..What? Im honestly not quite sure what this thing is, sometimes it SEEMS like a really weak distortion with a nice eq section, but it does more then just distort the sound--Im not quite sure what the adjustable effect does, it DOES completly mangle the sound of whatever you run into it, plus, if you are a total high-end freak like I am,then rejoice! turn up the load and put the filter and volume to the right and relax against the squalor of high end city! this thing FEEDBACKS LIKE ALL HELL! which is awesome.Really nice with just a contact mic and a loud amp..
  • Good Points: Its a filter. I now have 3 filters,so im a little addicted to these things.Its loud and feedbacks amazing.It also adds a small amount of weird distortion.Has a little light to show you when its on, and is also built really well,the end result being that you can blind and then mug anyone foolish enough to wander close to this thing while your playing.Whats that? BAM! a trip to the dentist.
  • Bad Points: expensive. the effect is neat,but not quite worth the buck, in hindsight i shouldve got the filter that theSYLE makes that has four billion knobs and switches, but descriptions with the words ''lo-fi'' in them are my weakness.
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