Alesis Metavox

Alesis Metavox

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Metavox Multi Vocoder This unit is a vocoder where the user can choose four different types of internal synthesizers (Saw, Rectified Saw, Square, And Noise). The synthesizer is modulated by one of five sources (triangle, sample and hold, triggered, "uncertainty", and tacking) that can all be synchronized with the aid of the "Beat Tap" button. There's also a control that allows for setting the frequency of the internal synthesizer. Another great feature of Metavox is that it also allows an external synthesis source to be input and voice-modulated.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $129.00

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User Reviews of the Alesis Metavox

  • Submitted by Jason from Fox River Grove, IL (20 points) on Mar 21, 2004
  • Just got the little purple bastard in this week. And my wife better be carefull 'cuz I'm falling in love with it. Besides standard vocoding, you can bet some cool textures by tweeking the knobs as far as they can go. Try putting the synth on the square wave with the phreeq all the way down and uping the siblance. You get a lovely random percolating rythym with some unintelligible whispering on top. (I used a spoken word album spinning backwards at the lowest speed for source material.) Also by jacking up the Rate tho the upper end of it's turn as rell as the depth knob, you can actually get some great oscillator sync tones.
  • Good Points: Small, cheap, easy to tweek.
  • Bad Points: Wall wart power supply. I was kinda hoping to be able to throw a 9-volt & throwit in the bag with my MS-1 sampler but sadly it is not to be. Also foot pedal is for bypass only, Would have been nice to be able to tap tempo in, or to control the parameters via pedal while your hands are twisting anothe units knobs.
  • Price Paid: US$50.00
  • Purchased At: musician's friend
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