AMT California Sound

AMT California Sound

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Distortion combo emulator manufactured in Russia by Asia Music Technology Design Laboratory.

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User Reviews of the AMT California Sound

  • Submitted by Jimgrindcore from ufa (28 points) on Jan 10, 2014
  • I used this pedal for about 8 (!!!) years. As I think its great to play speed / power metal cause it has very sharp highs, and cool lows. Actualy it doesnt have mid regulation and mids are cut off. It also has speaker sim for you can easily use it "line-in", but it doesnt have much power and volume so I sudjest you to use it with different preamps or in "input" chanel of amp. I used it fith 3 or 4 pedals in chain such as equalizer, noise supressor, effects and another one dist or overdrive to mix different sounds.
  • Good Points: solid metal body / very good construction / very reliable thing
  • Bad Points: very sharp sound of highs and absence of mid regulation
  • Price Paid: US$30.00
  • Purchased At: music shop
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