Aria Digital Delay ADD-1

User Reviews of the Aria Digital Delay ADD-1

  • Submitted by K. from Sealy, TX (508 points) on May 29, 2002
  • Review of the ADD-4 Digital Delay/Sampler, which was sold online under false pretenses of being an Arion pedal. I prefer the Arion DDS-1 which has no drop-out when switching between modes. The Aria has a 1 sec cut-out when switching which can be annoying. There are 4 delay and 4 sampling modes on the unit w/ delay times ranging from 5-1200 ms, sample 1 is the same as delay mode 4, sample 2 is a hold function which allows infinite repeat when engaged, though when "off" goes into delay mode, so no bypass on this setting unless you adjust the level control (despite this minor detail it's the most useful setting on the unit). Mode 3 is record/play, allows recording a sound sample w/ one-shot playback, switch to 4 after recording in 3 for repeated triggered playback of your sample. Only other complaint is the all plastic construction, though I have had no problems w/ similarly housed pedals. Should be relatively cheap and makes a great 2nd or 3rd delay, and the "sampling" section is worth the cost if you don't already have a pedal w/ those functions.
  • Good Points: 4 delay and 4 sample modes, should be reasonably priced
  • Bad Points: All plastic construction, drop-out when switching between modes
  • Price Paid: US$40.00
  • Purchased At: E-bay
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