Behringer Digital Reverb DR100

User Reviews of the Behringer Digital Reverb DR100

  • Submitted by Frenzied Destruction from Cold Spring, MN (124 points) on Apr 29, 2008
  • Its a reverb.Surprisingly, it makes things reverb.Controls include Level/volume,tone,time and mode (Spring,plate,hall,gate and room.Also modulate..)..great pedal,good for making vocals not suck and for making small changes in sound turn into a overlapping tornado of ear-rape.Also can run two inpupts and outputs in some kind of stereo mode.
  • Good Points: It works.Makes contact micd reverby metal even more reverby.If used on vocals will probobly make spectators assume you own everything ever by whitehouse and sutcliffe jugend.
  • Bad Points: When switching modes it stops/inturrupts the sound.Kind of annoying.I guess this could be a good thing if you want it to sound like you have a messed up patch cable or something.Oh wait,no, it still sucks. Battery compartment is the bane of all intellegent life and several forms of fauna.Its one of those accursed Press-the-button-on-the-side-of-the-stomp-thingy-to-release-the-thingy-and-put-in-the-battery. Thingies, Also, as it is a behringer it might impulsivly explode or turn into a giant ink colored iguana and devour your children.(Although it is more likely it will just break after being breathed heavily on, i guess)
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