Behringer Ultra Chorus UC100

User Reviews of the Behringer Ultra Chorus UC100

  • Submitted by Bassie from Brugge (188 points) on May 28, 2009
  • I once bought this pedal at some guitar show somewhere and probably thought like : hey this pedal only costs 7 bucks and bought it. I got home and tried it and almost laughed my ass off and traded it with a friend for a wallet chain :D but after a while i wrote a weird song but it needed a weird effect on the intro and i started thinking about this pedal again and borrowed it back and played the intro with the Rate and Depth knob at their max position and it gave me some kind of shiver. It's actually a real bad chorus because it sounds so "light". You'd barely even recognize wheter it's on or off. The only reason I use it is for that cool effect you get with all knobs at their max position.
  • Good Points: Cheap Try experimenting with sounds you can get out of it
  • Bad Points: Fragile plastic case Sounds too transparent Battery sucks out quickly
  • Price Paid: US$5.00
  • Purchased At: some guitar show
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