Bendy Boy Speak and Math

Bendy Boy Speak and Math

Here we have a Texas Instruments Speak and Math circuit bent by Bendy Boy. Five flip switches have been added as well as a reset switch, pitch knob, on/off switch and a couple of pretty LEDs. The bends enable loops to be heard and the pitch to be altered as well as a couple of glitch bends. Has a 1/8 inch output jack so you can use it with an amp or other effects. Cool graphics have been installed as well! Check out the sound sample.

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User Reviews of the Bendy Boy Speak and Math

  • Submitted by Kevin from Oklahoma City, OK (6 points) on May 28, 2009
  • Hey, I made that! No seriously. So considering that fact that I made it, I think it's pretty awesome! Especially considering it was my first bend.
  • Good Points: Sounds pretty good for a first bend attempt. Made some seriously good glitchy loops. The big knob on the side acts as a pitch bend. Plus, look at that skull. I drew that skull. I think that skull is awesome!
  • Bad Points: I had to rig up a battery cover. Wondering if the epoxy I used has held up? Also my first time soldering. Hope the connections held up as well. If not, then to whoever out there bought it, sorry!
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  • Purchased At: Made it my own self
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