Boss Octaver OC-2

Boss Octaver OC-2

The Octaver is the Japanese version of the Dual Octave pedal OC-2. You won't believe the thickness of the sounds. The OC-2 reproduces 3 separate tones: the original tone, one octave below, and 2 octaves below. Each of these parts has its own volume control, so they can be mixed as desired.

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User Reviews of the Boss Octaver OC-2

  • Submitted by electri-fire from Breda (22 points) on Feb 11, 2007
  • I use this in front of an E-H Microsynth, and find it improves tracking. Also I like the sub octave better than the Micro synth's, and several cheap digital pitchbenders I've had. It's a fat, slightly muffeled squarewave analog sound. While some players of the unmentionable stringed instrument hate the random trigger flutter when playing chords it's a feature. Sounds like old style computer blips. Alternating chaotic input with more clean monofonic sound gets it to trigger fairly reliable on the latter only. "Playable" .
  • Good Points: Gets me some bass from my contact miked egg slicer. (arghh, how many of you have to lie to not have their review deleted? Is noise & experimental so heavily protocolled?)
  • Bad Points: Having to schlepp this along for just the one trick it does . First thing to go when the case won't close.
  • Price Paid: US$55.00
  • Purchased At: used
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