Boss Slow Gear SG-1

Boss Slow Gear SG-1

Slow Gear actually makes your signal "swell" from zero to full volume, offering an unlimited variety of new tonal textures to expand your creative horizons.

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User Reviews of the Boss Slow Gear SG-1

  • Submitted by Rob from London (358 points) on Jul 4, 2002
  • I tried one of these at a vintage guitar shop last week. It ducks the volume down after a note and then swells the volume up thus removing your pick attack to get synthy sounds. I love volume swells - the sound can be haunting, expecially with delay. However this pedal doesn't do anything a "swell" patch on a multi effect doesn't. Or a volume pedal. You can get reverse type sounds but nowadays you can get true reverse sounds. The price of this pedal? 250. Don't bother - this one's for pedal collectors only.
  • Good Points: Sounds good but you can easily replicate it's sounds elsewhere.
  • Bad Points: Expensive "vintage" pedal and it doesn't do anything a multieffect doesn't.
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