Budda ZenMan Distortion

Budda ZenMan Distortion

Add girth and gain to your tones! This all-tube pedal is designed to remain transparent at all gain settings so the true sound of your noise comes through. Dial in just the right touch of primo distortion. It's extremely touch sensitive and allows you to create sonic timbres that define your personal style.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $280.00

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User Reviews of the Budda ZenMan Distortion

  • Submitted by grimonprez from St Etienne (24 points) on Feb 17, 2002
  • this is areally good pedal:high-gain possibilities, no hum, big/tight bass and clear highs, mine is really touch sensitive and sounds transparent yet really "full" and meatty.My quest for the perfect dist pedal stopped here.
  • Good Points: high-gain habilities heavy-duty fantastic tone
  • Bad Points: not really cheap a mid-control would have made it even better
  • Price Paid: US$260.00
  • Purchased At: musictoyz
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