Colorsound Supa Wah Volume

User Reviews of the Colorsound Supa Wah Volume

  • Submitted by Gus from San Francisco, CA (266 points) on Apr 6, 2002
  • The model of this pedal I had was made in 1974, and differed from the one in the picture in that it had an on / off switch protruding through the rocker plate. This is one of the most resonant wah pedals I've tried, with the biggest range of any wah pedal out there. The high frequencies on this thing are brutal. Real brittle and nasty. At the bottom end of the sweep it sounds as though the signal is coming from the next room. Mud city. Definite signal boost when the pedal is engaged. When the efect is off, this funcitions as a volume pedal. The problems with it are, it only runs off batteries, and you have to remove the whole floor plate to replace the battery. That, and these are notorious for developing scratchy pots. And the pots that is uses are obsolete, so you can't just replace them with the same part. In all, a good band pass filter, with a volume pedal as a bonus.
  • Good Points: Very resonant. Wide range. Easiest wah to turn on and off. Also functions as a volume pedal.
  • Bad Points: Old. Scratchy pots that can't be replaced. Only runs on batteries. Batteries are hard to change. Expensive.
  • Price Paid: US$125.00
  • Purchased At: Real Guitars, San Francisco
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