Colorsound Wah-Wah

User Reviews of the Colorsound Wah-Wah

  • Submitted by jayeff from bordeaux (24 points) on Jun 20, 2004
  • ok i bought her for 100 euros the look is quite of basic metal your need a screwdriver to force the bottom plate to open screws.. really cheap plus mine has a destroy paint look...originally blue...well
  • Good Points: the sound!!! BIG RANGE!! and all of the range is interessting... i really like the bottom position ...normaly the non very good muddy position but here..sounds like a lite fuzzz filter really cool...anyhow the pedal has got this kind of wah filter sound...not too much "quacky" but really good for the more "quacky" stuff i prefer my maestro boomrang...
  • Bad Points: well...let's say the cheap open can system tu change the battery plus a non transformer connection...but that's it
  • Price Paid: US$120.00
  • Purchased At: local music store
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