Danelectro Fab Echo D-4

User Reviews of the Danelectro Fab Echo D-4

  • Submitted by Andrew from Birmingham (48 points) on May 4, 2012
  • One of the first pedals in my set-up and it is still there. Not really a delay, more a slapback/echo/reverb thing. It adds a warm echo to your signal and is good for "thickening" your sound. I usually put it in the middle of my floop, where it is liable to make weird noises when combined with other pedals; a good thing or a bad thing depending on your tastes. I love this little thing and for the price you get it for it more than makes up for its' faults when compared to more expensive reverbs/delays.
  • Good Points: Nice, warm slapback echo

    "Thickens" your sound

    VERY cheap

    Makes strange, random noises in a floop
  • Bad Points: Lacks versatility

    Knobs are in a stupid place

    No speed control

    Can drain tone/volume
  • Price Paid: US$32.00
  • Purchased At: www.gak.co.uk
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  • Submitted by Cementimental from London (16 points) on Jun 24, 2007
  • Weird pedal in that it's an echo with no control of the delay speed! However, it looks like it's highly circuitbendable/modifiable... so far on mine i've added a couple of wires coming out the back to crocodile clip to a pot or an LDR, thus adding delay speed control. Sounds really nice and low-bitrate when pitched right down. LDR control is good, echo modulated with a strobe light is fun! Also if you totally cover the LDR it stops even acting as a delay and just makes weird bleeps. I also removed some resistors to make it be able to feed back when the amount of echo is turned right up.
  • Good Points: - nice shade of orange - sounds ok as a basic retro echo - superbly cheap basis for a circuitbent lo-fi delay unit!
  • Bad Points: - no echo speed control! They even taunt you with a blank space where it should go! - no variation in sound in its unmodified state
  • Price Paid: US$30.00
  • Purchased At:
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  • Submitted by Aphadaphaler from Portland, OR (154 points) on Apr 4, 2007
  • I gave one of these to my roommate for Christmas, it sounds surprisingly good on guitar . It lacked low end on my synth. good for short slap back sounds.
  • Good Points: cheap delay
  • Bad Points: short delay, no low end(hpf?)
  • Price Paid: US$13.00
  • Purchased At: centaur
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  • Submitted by mike from Bessemer, AL (6 points) on Aug 2, 2006
  • theres been quite a sound with this pedal this is my first review for a danelectro so i think this pedals are more valuable than they cost it works for me, i love it,sounds good
  • Good Points: its good not bad but good
  • Bad Points: no way jose theres some
  • Price Paid: US$15.00
  • Purchased At: guitar center
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  • Submitted by SPIKE from Houston, TX (112 points) on Mar 8, 2006
  • it's a short slapback echo. nothing more nothing less. only two knobs. one for echo repeats and a mix. simple small footprint that doesn't take up a lot of space on your noiz table. i am using it in a feedback loop mostly. you can always add more to your feedback loop chain. i have also used it on some prayer box chants and it was a nifty add to broaden the noiz design.
  • Good Points: small footprint. blue LED. solid construction even though it's all plastic. cheap as hell. powers just fine with a One Spot or similar power source.
  • Bad Points: no third knob. they should have used it for something. the space is there. why the hell not?
  • Price Paid: US$14.00
  • Purchased At: Guitar Center
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