Danelectro Fab Flange D-6

User Reviews of the Danelectro Fab Flange D-6

  • Submitted by Andrew from Birmingham (48 points) on May 4, 2012
  • Another great Danelectro Fab pedal! Cheap as chips and surprisingly versatile if you are patient. Tweaking the Speed and Regen knobs can take you from jet plane whooshes to psychedelic warbles. Can be a bit quiet and can get lost in your set-up, but put it in just the right place with the right pedals on and chaos ensues...
  • Good Points: Cheap - does different things depending on your set-up - nice sparkly flange sound
  • Bad Points: Stupid FAB knob placement - sucks tone and volume on occasion - can get lost in some set-ups - needs time and patience to see its full potential
  • Price Paid: US$32.00
  • Purchased At: A little music shop just outside Walsall, West Midlands
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  • Submitted by Fabiano from Rome (6 points) on Aug 25, 2011
  • Very cheap little pedal. Plastic housing, but quite

    sturdy. Very cheesy knobs, a bit hard to dial when

    mounted on a pedalboard. Sounds good, lushy and a bit more "chorusey" than

    some other flangers. If you're into Van Halen

    airplane stuff, this is not for you, but if you're

    looking for a subtle, psychedelic, flange on a

    budget, this one can help.
  • Good Points: - Very low priced and very good sounding. - Blue led is fabulous. - Sounds very good by itself and with other effects


    well. - Kinda "retro" look.
  • Bad Points: - Made of plastic. - Plastic little knobs. - When the effect is turned off, it really changes


    original sound of the guitar, so it really needs to


    isolated on a looper.
  • Price Paid: US$0.00
  • Purchased At: local shop
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  • Submitted by AQ from Saint Louis, MO (52 points) on Nov 21, 2009
  • I got this cheap pedal to try out flange, as for some reason I'd never tried it before. Pretty lame pedal. Half the time it doesn't even sound like it's on, the other half it makes things sound plastic and awkward. Sold it a few months later. Maybe I just don't like flange..
  • Good Points: cheap
  • Bad Points: cheap
  • Price Paid: US$15.00
  • Purchased At: git cen
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  • Submitted by Steve from Fulton, NY (138 points) on Jun 8, 2007
  • This thing really had me confused. I had purchased it hoping to get some really nice noises out of it and I put it in my loop. I really couldn't hear much. So I moved it around in different loops and here and there I got some nice sounds. But I wasn't sold on it. A few days later I used the same chain I had been using without this pedal. I lose so much depth and harshness I couldn't believe it. This thing really adds so much to my sounds. 12 bucks well spent.
  • Good Points: Blue LED looks nice in the dark Easy to turn on and off unlike the MXR style switches
  • Bad Points: Good luck finding a comfortable way to turn the knobs.
  • Price Paid: US$12.00
  • Purchased At: Guitar Center
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  • Submitted by Aaron from Redmond, WA (34 points) on Dec 7, 2006
  • Another cheap winner from Danelectro. Flangers are meant for noise, with few exceptions. This thing is pretty tweakable for only having 3 knobs. It goes from subtle to JetPlane whooshes in the turn of a knob. If you own a Line6 DL4, put this before it and you'll come up with sickening, infinite repeats of whooshing noise. Any high quality delay could be easily complemented by this pedal. Danelectro would do well to continue this line of pedals with a compressor, delay, or an octave pedal. Hours of experimentation for less $$ than 2 movie tickets! For screechy high gain sounds, put this next to its cousin, the FabMetal and crank all knobs extreme right!
  • Good Points: Laughably inexpensive, sounds just as good as expensive boxes, smart design with knobs mounted horizontally like little engines, everyone loves a blue LED! Easily replaceable as they are cheap and seem to be everywhere!
  • Bad Points: The actual foot switch is tiny and can be hard to hit with shoes on. Battery changes are goofy, bottom plate must be removed and battery squashed in next to the main circuitboard. This thing also is a battery vampire, if you are gonna gig with it, put a fresh 9 volt in beforehand.
  • Price Paid: US$15.00
  • Purchased At: GuitarCenter
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  • Submitted by Jaybear from Houston, TX (30 points) on Oct 3, 2006
  • This thing has one major good point. Its cheap. Flangers can go for 100's, but get the same effect out of them all 99% of the time. So one this cheap is amazing. Its your typical wobbly flange sound, only flaw is its a weak effect unless you put a distortion after it, otherwise for some reason all the signal passes over it like its not even on and you just lightly hear it in the background.
  • Good Points: Cheap. Basic flange sound. BLUE LED!!
  • Bad Points: Weak volume.
  • Price Paid: US$19.00
  • Purchased At: Musicians Friend
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  • Submitted by Ed from Bowling Green, OH (82 points) on Apr 14, 2006
  • Real affordable little flange that works well with other pedals, not so much alone.
  • Good Points: Cheap as all hell Good range Fun to run through other pedals Does weird shit when I hook it up to a Casio SK-1 or my synth module
  • Bad Points: Flange sounds pretty effing cheezy and ridiculous on its own, especially with a guitar. It's fun to just turn it on and leave the cable sitting there on the fllor, it just makes cute little whooping sounds.
  • Price Paid: US$20.00
  • Purchased At: local shop
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  • Submitted by SPIKE from Houston, TX (112 points) on Feb 24, 2006
  • Perfect little gems. The FAB line is cheap as hell but they do what they need to do. This is a great littel flange when thrown in the noiz mix. Lately i have been using it in a feed back loop with a TBD(Effector 13) and some other toys and it's a nice warped tweek. flangy flange. simple.
  • Good Points: CHEAP AS FRACK!! runs with a One Spot. neato BLUE LED. solid construction. weird colour so it stands out in your rig.
  • Bad Points: not as many tweeks as you would want but you wouldn't spend bucks if you wanted more than that.
  • Price Paid: US$12.00
  • Purchased At: guitar center
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  • Submitted by Mike from Rochester, NY (302 points) on Feb 22, 2006
  • What a find!!! It's like Danelectro is aware of us noisicians! :) This flange does what it's supposed to...flange up your signal. No fuss/no muss and it won't break the bank. I'm sure other available flangers are better, but they are also more costly. Why bother? This little unit is great with harsh distortion next to it, or with other mod effects for a more ambient flow. Makes you want to collect them all and trade with your friends!!!
  • Good Points: - AFFORDABLE!! - easy to use dials - small/compact - nice unit overall
  • Bad Points: - battery access is a bit of a pain, but as long as you have a flat-head type screwdriver (or pocket knife) this won't be a problem
  • Price Paid: US$15.00
  • Purchased At: Guitar center
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