Death by Audio Harmonic Transformer

Death by Audio Harmonic Transformer

Intermodulate your sound and unleash ringing raging fuzz on the world. Super big, super vicous and super intense. A huge pedal with a huge sound. Complete with enough alien noises to freak out your listeners. Direct crazy intermodulating distortion to make unique music with. The Harmonic Transformer is an extremely loud and intense fuzz pedal which is very interactive with the incoming signal ranging from over the top to bizzare.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $300.00

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User Reviews of the Death by Audio Harmonic Transformer

  • Submitted by Marco from Brescia (138 points) on Apr 20, 2005
  • A great lo-fi fuzz with a huge boost of volume. It's a little similar to a Boss FZ-2, with more gain. A dark distortion with piercing highs. It hasn't many controls, but you can modulate its sound in intensity and harmonic shape. A great evil sound for feedback or sludge!!!
  • Good Points: -ugly and big -no AC adaptor -no EQ
  • Bad Points: -as cool as ugly -great sludge sound, huge boost -very responsive
  • Price Paid: US$79.00
  • Purchased At: E-bay
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