DigiTech Hot Box PDS 2730

User Reviews of the DigiTech Hot Box PDS 2730

  • Submitted by gr-eh? from Detroit, MI (374 points) on May 20, 2002
  • got this CHEAP, so i'm glad i have it as yet another DOD delay (same as the DFX9) however the distortion sucks hardcore, and actually weakens the sound. you can do the same mods to this as you can to the DFX9 (replace trimpots with real ones) so i may just resolder the pots for the distortion to those spots instead and keep it as a big modded DFX9. right now it's just tweaked so the delay will go into infinite distortion repeat if the regen knob is up in the last 10% of its sweep, and the delay time is set longer than its supposed to be (at a quality loss) but overall it sounds cool. delay has level/regen/time/mode knobs, distortion has level/presence/distortion knobs.
  • Good Points: DFX9 delay sounds fine, no problems there. cheap!
  • Bad Points: distortion sucks. not sure which pedal it is taken from.
  • Price Paid: US$16.00
  • Purchased At: cousin of guy at work
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