DigiTech Midi Controller Pedal PDS 3500

DigiTech Midi Controller Pedal PDS 3500

This Digitech PDS3500 allows you to control many MIDI devices with a simple foot-operated switch. It can store up to 1,984 different presets, and is easy to program. A 9 Volt battery keeps the contents of the memory intact if power is removed.

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User Reviews of the DigiTech Midi Controller Pedal PDS 3500

  • Submitted by mike from Sacramento, CA (66 points) on Dec 23, 2004
  • I have used this pedal since its conception. It is a great little stomp box to communicate changes between your rack effects (provided they are midi capable). Approx 15 years of abuse and it still works. I used it to make changes to 2 effects units for vocals and one unit for guitar. The changes were set up in banks and executed real time during live performances.
  • Good Points: The pedal is built very well. Once you understand the logic, it is easy to program. A foot controller can be added for additional control over midi parameters. This pedal can be picked up for about 35.00 on ebay.
  • Bad Points: The swithces take a bit of getting used to. Once in a while you can tap it and the program doesnt change or, it makes 2 changes instead of one. Once you get used to the feel of the switch, these mistakes become less frequent.
  • Price Paid: US$99999.00
  • Purchased At: Dont remember
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