Dinosaur Distortion DT-1

User Reviews of the Dinosaur Distortion DT-1

  • Submitted by Bassie from Brugge (188 points) on May 30, 2009
  • The very very very first pedal I ever owned :D I don't even have it anymore but for what I remember is that I actually kinda hated it. It didn't go loud at all. The distortion was really weak and a pedal with only 1 knob sucks, because you can't really equalize your sound with it. Every time I see a picture of this thing I laugh and thank God that it broke succesfully :p
  • Good Points: The case looks cool :p ... that's it?
  • Bad Points: Plastic case Weak distortion Only one knob to adjust your tone Sounds a little quiet
  • Price Paid: US$19.00
  • Purchased At: music store
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