DOD Digital Delay/Sampler DFX91

DOD Digital Delay/Sampler DFX91

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The DFX91 Digital Delay/Sampler has a broad slection of delay effects (delay, doubling, slap back, echoes, and infinite repeat) and up to 1000 ms of digital sampling.

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User Reviews of the DOD Digital Delay/Sampler DFX91

  • Submitted by Beavis from Afghanistan (258 points) on Mar 29, 2005
  • Similar to the dfx94, except 1 second of delay instead of the dfx94's 4 seconds. Its a nice delay...not too clean and digital. Has a nice analogness to it
  • Good Points: The infinite repeat! Its great...
  • Bad Points: The sampler mode is really impractical
  • Price Paid: US$43.00
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