DOD Distortion 555

DOD Distortion 555

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Early 80's DOD distortion pedal. Part of the "Performer" series.

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User Reviews of the DOD Distortion 555

  • Submitted by grimonprez from St Etienne (28 points) on Feb 17, 2002
  • Glad to finally have found news about this one! Mine is dead, and I cry for it everyday.It produces a so big, real , bassy-edgy sound it's incredible.It's a warm-sounding high-gain machine strangely born in the '80s, wich is really strange. I tried a lot of boxes but none sounds as good: fatter than a RAT,more precise than any fuzz, less chemical than the MXR, it sounds like a meaty out-of-control Hotcake and more...
  • Good Points: eternal sustain high gain habilities wonderful tone "real"sound CHEAP!(when you find it)
  • Bad Points: a little noisy-hummy maybe? not really sexy-looking
  • Price Paid: US$40.00
  • Purchased At: Mic music
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