DOD Fet Preamp 210

User Reviews of the DOD Fet Preamp 210

  • Submitted by Rob2 from United Kingdom (40 points) on Oct 7, 2003
  • This thing is basically a booster pedal. It's got lots and lots of gain on tap and it's potentially very loud and useful. Put first in an effects chain it makes my other distortion pedals scream like they are being fried in hot grease. It is also very useful for boosting the weak output of my MXR Blue Box into something much more useable. I would have liked to have seen a switch to turn it on and off but it's so cheap I don't mind too much.
  • Good Points: Lots of volume, makes other pedals much more distorted and nasty sounding. Very durable case, battery lasts a long time. Dead cheap.
  • Bad Points: No footswitch, have to use a screwdriver to open it to change the battery. No AC socket.
  • Price Paid: US$10.00
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