DOD Graphic Equalizer EQ610

User Reviews of the DOD Graphic Equalizer EQ610

  • Submitted by h from Norman, OK (22 points) on Dec 17, 2004
  • Mine is either barely newer or barely older than this. Same color, only it has a stomp switch, and the sliders are along the top, its got 6 sliders and no overall volume. I rather value the power of equalization. I have a boss ge-7, and for some reason, anything i run through the DOD just sounds meaner. Its huge, its green, and mine has medieval style font on it, but it sounds wonderful.
  • Good Points: Sounds great. Cheaper than most. Made out of some thick metal. Mines old as hell and works perfectly. Comes with a sponge inside. Equalizes, emphasizes, great bass.
  • Bad Points: Big, but i dont mind. The battery clip broke off, but i dont use batteries. Lots of noise in the higher registers, but that is to be expected.
  • Price Paid: US$20.00
  • Purchased At: ebay
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