DOD Stereo Chorus 565

DOD Stereo Chorus 565

Part of the 1981 DOD Performer Series. A typical analog comb filter design in a floor unit. Has controls for delay time, sweep width and sweep speed. It really is a pseudo stereo unit in that the delay is mixed with the dry signal for one channel and the an inverted delay signal is mixed with the dry for the other.

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User Reviews of the DOD Stereo Chorus 565

  • Submitted by kinetic turtle from Oakland, CA (166 points) on May 26, 2005
  • It's a pretty standard analog chorus. The pseudo-stereo thing is definitely true, but it's not really a downside. I consider it two different mono sounds to be pulled from the pedal. It screams when put through feedback loops, and doubly so when paired with another chorus pedal. Pretty tough construction, not a bad look. However, the button is rather obnoxious and easy to miss either with your foot or with your hands. It also uses a very specific 18v power supply - don't lose it, or you'll wind up using two 9v batteries at a time and the thing will eat you out of house and home.
  • Good Points: Good, warm chorus. Good, solid construction. Sounds great with feedback loops.
  • Bad Points: 18v power supply with a 1/4 jack. Eats batteries like crazy, otherwise. Semi-stupid footswitch.
  • Price Paid: US$33.00
  • Purchased At: craigslist
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