DOD Swell Pedal FX15

DOD Swell Pedal FX15

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The Swell Pedal FX15 does automatic volume swells. It's got Attack, Decay and Cut/Boost controls and a momentary switch. How You can press the switch on the pedal and hold it, then by letting go of the pedal the sound swells up. In "boost" mode the effect starts from normal volume and swells even louder.

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User Reviews of the DOD Swell Pedal FX15

  • Submitted by Gus from San Francisco, CA (266 points) on May 27, 2002
  • What we've got here is an odd little VCA pedal. Here's how it works: in "cut" mode you set the attack knob to determine the speed of the swell, and set the decay knob to determine how long it takes the signal to return to normal volume after the swell. Now, once you've dialed it in, you hit the pedal and suddenly, silence... That is until after you release the pedal, and then the swell begins. The drill is the same in "boost" mode, except that it just makes the signal swell louder, and then back to normal (no silence). It's a fancy volume pedal, the main advantage it has it that it will create volume swells at the same rate until you change the settings. This may or may not be useful to you, but I kind of like it... I'm keen to try placing an envelope filter after it, and maybe some choruses and trems(VCA pedal+ VCF pedal+ any number of modulation pedals = poor man's modular synth). As these are rare, they're kind of spendy for what they are, but neat if you can find one on the cheap... And by the way, a Slow Gear it aint. Making "backward" sounds is tricky with this one...
  • Good Points: Creates swells at an even rate every time.
  • Bad Points: One trick pony. Of a very limited use. Rare, expensive, and collectable...
  • Price Paid: US$43.00
  • Purchased At: ebay
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