Dunlop Bass Crybaby GCB-100

Dunlop Bass Crybaby GCB-100

Bass wah wah... Features: Customized circuit for bass, 100k ohm Hot Potz potentiometer. Sturdy die cast body. Powered by the Dunlop ECB-02 AC Adapter and/or 9 volt battery. 10" x 4" x 2-1/2" 3.7 lbs. Black

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $149.50

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User Reviews of the Dunlop Bass Crybaby GCB-100

  • Submitted by Mike from Rochester, NY (310 points) on Dec 31, 2003
  • A wah designed for bass frequencies!!!! Overall, a decent pedal, tho' mine wasn't as reliable as I would have liked. At times, it didn't sound like it was on when it WAS on. I always had fresh batteries in it, but felt more confident when I used a power adaptor. Great tone out of this thing and it's built like a tank!!! I got rid of it a while ago, but may pick up the Morley Bass Wah, which seems to have more features and uses an electronic 'eye' instead of a pot to vary the tone.
  • Good Points: built very sound, optimized for bass freq, large non-slip surface for foot/hand
  • Bad Points: mine wasn't reliable with batteries, batteries are a pain to change, pot can wear out with a lot of use, I don't see a major use for it in noise
  • Price Paid: US$70.00
  • Purchased At: Musician's Friend
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