Dunlop Q Zone QZ1

Dunlop Q Zone QZ1

Many noisicians use Crybaby pedals in stationary positions, to get a quickly selectable nasal, vocal or flange-like tone. The Q Zone stomp box performs this job even better than a pedal, because it's less susceptible to accidental bumps. Features the same tone controls as the 95Q pedal, but with "stay-put" knobs to keep your settings table. Features: Footswitch toggles the effect from on to bypass (red LED indicates on). Adjustable volume knob controls output gain with boost up to +18 dB. Adjustable "Q" knob modulates frequency breadth of effect. Peak knob manually selects the frequency center of the effect, serving the same function as the wah foot pedal. Powered by the Dunlop ECB-03 AC Adapter and/or 9 volt battery. 10" x 4" x 2-1/2" 3.7 lbs. Black.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $125.00

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User Reviews of the Dunlop Q Zone QZ1

  • Submitted by dustin from Lake City, FL (34 points) on Jun 29, 2006
  • This thing is sick if you're looking for wah! The q-zone knob doesn't do a lot for me, I just leave it maxed out. The volume can be cool for volume boosts/cuts. The wah range is extremely wide and so easy to control compared to some of my expression pedal wahs. Sometimes it stands out a bit too much, making an uncomfortably obvious wah sound... but I have 0 regrets about buying this pedal... it's GREAT. From low and muddy to ear-piercingly high. Also cool to manipulate mic feedback.
  • Good Points: -wide range -versatile -amazing sound -durable build
  • Bad Points: -knobs are a little too close -nothing else
  • Price Paid: US$60.00
  • Purchased At: Tim&Terry's, Gainesville FL
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